bujo: monthly covers and spreads

Hey guys!

Another Sunday arrived and today I wanna show you some of my bujo pages. This is my first entry about bullet journals and I thought showing you some of my monthly covers and spreads might be a good idea.

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books, books and more books.

Hello guys,

it’s Friday and I wrote a post about some of the books I really enjoyed reading!

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Hand-letter your gifts!

Hey guys,

Fatou and I decided to upload thrice a week. Our upload days will be every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. On Wednesdays both of us will do a blog post together, on Fridays Fatou will upload a post and on Sundays it’ll be me, Celine.
Today’s Sunday, so here’s my first solo post.

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday and I was wrapping her presents as I got the idea of making a blog post about gift wrapping. Today I wanna show you how to make a present look costlier as it actually was. Therefore I wrote some tips down for you.

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