Banana Loaf

Hey guy,

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Pack your bags!

Hey guys,

our first wednesday post has arrived! As you may know, the both of us are travelling to London next week!

We saw that many of you guys are also going on vacay. Therefore we wanted to show you our packing list to help you packing because we think it’s always helpful to have a list thats shows everything and having it written down helps a lot!

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Hand-letter your gifts!

Hey guys,

Fatou and I decided to upload thrice a week. Our upload days will be every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. On Wednesdays both of us will do a blog post together, on Fridays Fatou will upload a post and on Sundays it’ll be me, Celine.
Today’s Sunday, so here’s my first solo post.

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday and I was wrapping her presents as I got the idea of making a blog post about gift wrapping. Today I wanna show you how to make a present look costlier as it actually was. Therefore I wrote some tips down for you.

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