fav (kind of) healthy snacks

Hi guys,

today I’m gonna show you my favourite snacks! All of them are without any added sugar, so they’re all “kind of healthy”. But I think the word healthy is hard to define, so i would just say, these are my favourite snacks. Moreover, all of them are really easy to make. Let’s go:

Snack No. 1: Frozen  Yoghurt Blueberries 

IMG_2796The first snack, I wanna show you are frozen yoghurt blueberries. As simple as it sounds it’s just blueberries mixed with yoghurt and then put in to the freezer for about 2 hours.

Now and then you have to mix everything up, so it doesn’t clump together as a big something.

You definitely have to try it, it’s delicious. If you are more a sweet tooth you can also add some honey or agave syrup to the yoghurt before mixing.


Snack No. 2: Frozen Grapes


The simplest but also most delicious snack is to freeze grapes. The riper they are, the better they taste in the end.

I like them the most when they get frozen just right before they start become mushy.

If you like to, you can also add some yoghurt (and honey).

It’s the perfect replacement for ice pops in summer.


Snack No. 3: Dried Mangos


In German super markets you can buy a lot of dried fruits and I really like them. I know they might not be as nutritive as fresh fruits but it’s absolutely better than gummy bears.

If you don’t like mangos you can also try other dried fruits like apples, pineapples or peach for example. but attention: some fruits might be sweetened (if you buy them)!

It’s also really easy to make them by yourself but it takes a long time, maybe I’ll do a recipe one day.


I have many more snacks I’d like to show you, but I think I’ll do this another time. I really hope it was kind of inspirational and you try out some of them.
Let me know what your favourite snacks are!

Also try out my banana loaf from a fortnight ago!

I also decided to take the same banner frame for recipes so it’s easier for you to find them. What do you guys think about it?


Lots of love,

Celine xx


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