London // #MilliParty

Hii everybody!

As we said before both of us wanted to go to London together and we finally did it! Last weekend we went to the beautiful city for a couple of days. But we not only were there for holiday, but we also went to Jack Maynard’s MilliParty..

First or all, we wanted to say sorry for not uploading last Friday and Sunday. We wanted to enjoy our time in London so we decided to not upload. But we’re back now meaning our posts are gonna be regularly again.

On Thursday night, we went to the airport and stayed over night before our flight took off around 7am on Friday. After that we spend some time in town to bridge the time until we could go to our hostel. We ate some breakfast/lunch and went to the Hyde Park afterwards. As soon as we arrived at the hostel we took a nap because we were really exhausted from staying at the airport overnight, the flight and not sleeping in general. I mean, we had to the MilliParty that day, we had to be fit!

in the morning before we took off
the Hyde Park
London city
London city
our room

After one of the best naps ever we got ready and went to see Jack Maynard!

The Party was absolutely insane!! Before Jack came out, Roman and Will were djing, getting the crowed pretty hyped. After that Jack came out with one of his best friends George (G23). The crowed was enjoying themself, being all hyped and having fun. Also Jack was enjoying the party. He was all smiley and happy all night which made the party even better!

(we don’t own that picture)
Brad from the Vamps and Jack
Fatou with Jack

Afterwards we waited outside the venue and a lot of Jack’s friends and the special guests came out.

Our little highlight was a conversation with Byron, a friend of Caspar Lee (also a popular Youtuber) from South Africa. He was so kind and funny and we really like him for being like this. He took so much time to speak with us and also tried to say some German words. For example, he said “Der Vogel isst den Käse” which means as much as “the bird eats the cheese”. Doesn’t make sense but it’s funny anyways and his pronunciation was really good tbh. 

When we told our friends that we’re traveling to London to go to a party, everyone just shook their head and smiled thinking something like “they’re crazy”. But it was so worth it! At the Milliparty were so many kind and funny people and we met a lot boys of the buttercream squad, even though we only saw them from a little further away. The whole scenery and atmosphere was so stunning and everybody was in a great mood which made it even better. We would totally do it again!

See you at 2 Milli, Jack! We’ll be there! 

Fatou and Celine xx


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