how we met

Hey guys,

it’s Wednesday again, which means a new blog post from both of us. Today we thought we would tell you the story of how we got to know each other.

Back in 2015 the both of us made our A levels and finished school.

Since Fatou’s A levels were in business administration and she wasn’t quite sure if she wanted to work in that kind of area after she finished school, she decided to do a voluntary social year to  work with other people and particularly with kids. She always thought about becoming a nursery nurse, but she wasn’t sure if she could handle the pressure of having that much responsibilty. As you might now she’s becoming a nursery nurse now!

Celine decided that she wanted to do something like a gap year before starting to work. So she was looking for an “easy” job to earn money and decided to do a voluntary social year. She applied (just like her older sister did the year before) for being an intern in a pre-kindergarten (guys, it’s really not as easy as it sounds!!!) through a facilitator. 

Both of us chose the same facilitator which is why we saw each other like once a month for several workshops which should help us on working with the children.
In the first month we had a full week of workshops so we saw each other everyday. We didn’t really talk on the first day. Fatou was with now another best friend of ours while Celine was with some other girl. The girl seemed to think that Fatou was really friendly and funny, which she is btw,  so both Celine and the other girl sat next to Fatou and her friend the second day. There was another girl we knew from the job interview we had to do to apply and the five of us became good friends. We had to do little task, which really bonded us and made us friends.

All of the others thought we had known each other way before the voluntary year because we seemed like we know everything about each other, but we didn’t!

During our voluntary year we had to go on a trip with all the others of our team and it was real fun! Here are some pics we took (ignore that we’re mostly ugly on them but whatever):


Almost two years have passed since the first day we saw each other and we’re really glad that we decided to do the gap year. Although we aren’t a group of five anymore, we are really grateful that we got the chance to know each other and that we’ve become best friends!


How did you guys got to know your best friends?

have a lovely wednesday!

lots of love,

fatou and celine x





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