about us

hello guys,

it’s us again! We decided to introduce ourselfs to you guys, that you guys get to know us a bit better and maybe even come to like us..



I’m Fatou, I’m 21 years old and I live in a small town in the north of Germany.

I am currentling doing and apprenticeship to become a nursery nurse. I love kids and although the apprenticeship is mostly school I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. Basically all my life I’ve been playing soccer and I also joined the gym, to get fitter and healthier. Next to playing soccer, going to the gym and meeting friends I watch a lot of Youtube and/or spend some time on Netflix. I used to read a lot, which I kind of stopped doing but I really want to get into it again. There’s just someting peaceful to hold a new book and read an interesting story. I also love writing, which I haven’t done in ages but maybe I’ll get into it again, who knows?


FullSizeRender 5

I’m Celine, 20 years old from a city next to Bremen, in Northern Germany. My das is from Vietnam and my mum comes from Germany, so this is why I may not look like a typical German girl.

At the Moment I’m taking part in a dual studies programme, meaning I’m studying and working at the same time. My major is called “public administration”. It’s a mix of business studies and law. Sounds more boring than it is in real life, I promise 😀
In my free time I enjoy listening to music (we’ll write a blogpost about our fav tunes soon!) but I also love to make music by myself with playing guitar, piano or other instruments (i can play loads) and singing.
Moreover, I  like designing stuff with Indesign or Photoshop and editing pictures. Which is quite a benefit when making a blog tbh.
As you may know from our recent post I, same as Fatou, love watching YouTube (especially British youtubers). We also think about starting our own youtube channel. What do you guys think? Let us know!


Our main goal on this blog is to achieve as much people as possible. We try to upload every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Our blog is all about lifestyle, traveling, recipes, DIYs, reviews, our friendship and to adventure things from our bucket list.

We hope you enjoy xx

lots of love,
Fatou and Celine


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